Which checks do you not accept?


Below are some common checks we don’t accept:


  • A check that is from an account you own. 
    • You can instead link the external account to your Aspiration account so you can transfer the funds into your Aspiration account via ACH.
    • A check written from your Aspiration account to deposit into your same Aspiration account will not be accepted. 
  • A check that has an expired or stale date.
  • A check that has been written to someone other than the account holder or a business (Third Party, Business or AND checks)
  • A check that is a temporary check, credit card check, a coupon or a loan check (Credit Card, eCheck, a Coupon or Loan check). For example, if the check is a credit card check, these are funds drawn off a credit card that comes with terms and conditions when cashed. We do not process credit card checks. You will need to have a standard check issued.
  • A check that has missing information on the front and/or back.
  • A picture of a screen image of the check 
  • A check that has altered information
  • A check that is missing an endorsement. Both your signature and “For mobile deposit only at Aspiration” need to be on the back of the actual item.
  • The image has poor quality. For example, the image is too blurry, a fold or folds distorts crucial information, or the image blends into the background.
    • Be sure the item is laying flat and the image is taken on a neutral background in even, natural light, and keep your hands steady.
  • The check is endorsed in pencil or light Ink
    • The full restrictive endorsement needs to be in blue or black ink including the customer’s signature as well as “For mobile deposit only at Aspiration”. 
  • The check is made payable to a Business/DBA
    • We can only accept checks payable to your legal name on file. We do not offer business accounts so we are not able to accept items payable to a business.
  • The check is a duplicate deposit. Typically this is when you submit a check we previously rejected or already accepted for processing on a previous day.

While we may decline a deposit for the reasons listed above, there are other reasons not listed that may also lead to a declined deposit. If that is the case, our team will reach out to you promptly with any information we can share when a decision is made.