Avoiding overdrafts


At Aspiration we do our best to help customers avoid fees. Your card and the Aspiration.com portal will not allow the following transactions to process without sufficient funds:

  • Withdrawal from an ATM
  • Debit card purchase
  • Online transfer

However, the following actions may overdraft your account:

  • Writing a check that exceeds your balance
  • Scheduling a transfer that conflicts with a previously scheduled ACH or debit (this means money is pulled after the new transfer initiates, and the balance will no longer be sufficient).

The fee for ACH Overdraft or Checking Overdraft is $25.

Please note:

  • If your account is in overdraft for 5 calendar days, you will start to incur daily $5 fees until the balance is returned to $0, or to a positive balance.
  • If you remain in overdraft for 6 calendar days, you will be placed on an extended hold period (5 days) for depositing checks and cash, which will be in effect for a period of 6 months.

We really encourage our customers to regularly check their balances on the mobile app, or online, so that any overdraft fees can be avoided.

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