Foreign Checks [Aspiration (Radius) Summit Account only]


If you are depositing a check from a foreign bank, please do keep in mind that the processing time can take up to 8 weeks. The reason for this is that foreign banks don't use the Federal Reserve for check processing, so only correspondent banks can send checks bank-to-bank for collection. This process does tend to take some time.

The only exception to this is Canadian checks, since the Federal Reserve does process those, and therefore Canadian checks can usually be credited about two weeks after submission to the Fed.

Please note that foreign checks may NOT be submitted by mobile app. The physical check must be received by our banking partner. 

The mailing address is as follows:

  • Regular mail: Radius Bank, PO BOX 55063, Boston, MA 02205-8031
  • Priority Mail, FedEx, UPS (or any express mail): Radius Bank, One Harbor St, Boston, MA 02210

Please always be sure to sign the back of the check and include a note with your account number and name, and write "For Deposit Only, Account # XXXXX" underneath your signature on the back of the check.

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