How do you judge what metrics are important?


There is an increasing body of research that shows how businesses that track and set out to improve their social and environmental impact perform better over the long-run. At Aspiration, we like to call these High Road businesses.  

The characteristics of High Road businesses include:

(1) pro-employee and pro-environment practices, (2) proactively considering negative factors and avoiding behavior associated with lawsuits, fines, boycotts, and reputational harm, and (3) long-term thinking and innovation, in order to be efficient, profitable, and to pioneer industry best practices.

Based on these characteristics, we’ve selected metrics that help us assess how well businesses are doing at being High Road businesses.

In addition to selecting metrics that evaluate a business’s policies and practices, we look at metrics that assess the social and environmental impact of the products and services a business offers.

See our Education page for relevant research.