Why do I need to link a bank account to open a Spend & Save account?


Since we are entirely online, we do need your initial deposit to come from a transactional checking or savings account that is in your name and is enabled to pull funds electronically. For select users, there is an option for the initial funding to come from a debit card. We cannot accept transfers from pre-paid cards or non-transactional savings accounts, since those account types would not allow for this kind of electronic transfer.

The initial deposit cannot come from transfer services like Venmo or CashApp and we cannot accept a direct deposit as your initial deposit source. Many of our customers have opened new checking accounts elsewhere in order to be able to open an account with us, since we are offering features such as Planet Protection, Plant Your Change, and no in-network ATM fees. We hope that you'll find the extra step worthwhile!

To link your account to your Aspiration application, please follow the steps below:

1.) Login to your Aspiration application
2.) Select "Continue My Application"
3.) You'll be prompted to link your external account using a service called Plaid.

Using Plaid, search for your bank/financial institution and complete the authentication process. After completing the linking process, you can schedule your initial deposit and complete your account opening.

From here, you can set up Direct Deposit if you’d prefer to make Spend & Save your primary account!