What are the benefits of using an eco-friendly credit card like Zero?


Imagine spending your money with a clear conscience, knowing that every time you use your card, your credit card company is fighting for a healthier, sustainable planet. With a card like Aspiration Zero, every purchase is a simple and effective way to give back to the planet and fight for its future. Other specific benefits of Aspiration Zero include:

  • Reforestation: Aspiration has partnered with numerous tree planting partners, including Eden Reforestation Projects, One Tree Planted and Arbor Day Foundation. With every purchase you make, Aspiration works with these partners to plant a tree, helping to mitigate your carbon footprint. What’s more, by using the Plant Your Change feature, we’ll roundup your purchases to plant a second tree each time you use your card. Even better - if you plant a total of 60 trees in one month (the average number of trees we’ve calculated for the average American to reach carbon zero) - you’ll receive an additional 0.5% cashback that month.
  • Low, annual fee: A $60 annual fee is all it takes to invest in a greener lifestyle, and ultimately, an eco-friendly planet.
  • Biodegradable Card Construction: The Aspiration Zero card uses a biodegradable plant-based material to replace the plastic usually found in a credit card.