Can I link my Aspiration Spend & Save account to other third party payment and budgeting platforms such as Venmo and Mint?


Yes, you can link your Aspiration Spend & Save account to many of the most popular financial services platforms. To find the account and routing numbers needed to link your account to other platforms, simply log into your account, go to Settings, and click Account Info. Here is a list of many of the major apps and platforms you can link your Aspiration account to:

  • Venmo

  • PayPal

  • Cash App

  • Mint

  • Quicken

  • QuickBooks

  • Robinhood

  • Acorns

  • Digit

  • Ellevest

  • Qapital

  • Atom

  • Betterment

  • Stash

  • Wise

  • WorldRemit

  • Metal

  • Paysafe

  • Current

  • Coinbase

  • Honeydue

The third parties mentioned, whose trademarks and service marks appear herein, are independent entities and not legally affiliated with Aspiration Financial LLC.