What is the Aspiration Flagship Fund?


As of 2/4/2020, the Flagship Fund no longer accepts new purchases, and will be closing on 3/5/2020. For further assistance, please visit our Support Center.

The Aspiration Flagship Fund is a mutual fund made up of a number of other mutual funds, each of which pursues non-traditional strategies. It aims to provide steady growth over the long-term while trying to reduce the amount of volatility along the way. We created this fund to give everyday investors access to the kinds of investment approaches that are often missing from their portfolios and have historically only been within reach for multi-millionaires.

The Aspiration Flagship Fund is able to bring together many managers who each bring their unique expertise to the fund. With over fifty years of experience in investment management, our portfolio managers work to carefully select these underlying funds and monitor and manage the fund on a day-to-day basis.