How do I set my fee? Can I change it?


After deciding on a Pay What is Fair fee when you first sign up, you can change it anytime and as often as you wish from your account dashboard.

To make changes, login from the website (not the app) click Settings, and then Pay What is Fair.

If you change your fee, the change is retroactive from the beginning of the month for your Spend & Save Account, or the beginning of the quarter for the investment accounts.

For investment accounts, you are able to choose whether your fee payment will be debited from your linked bank account or from your Aspiration Spend Account quarterly, based on the fee level you’ve set. The fee is debited at 9 am PT on the last day of each quarter.

For Spend & Save Accounts, your monthly fee will come out of your Spend Account. You are able to change the amount of the fee until 9 am PT on the 30th of each month to be retroactively applied.

For now, fee changes can only be made from the web.