What ATMs can I use with the Aspiration (Radius) Summit Account?


With the Aspiration (Radius) Summit Account, you’ll have free access to every ATM on the planet. (ATMs on Pluto not included).

We offer certain ATMs which will not charge any fees at all upfront. For a list of these machines, please click here, and then click "SUM" under the Filter Results heading.

At the ATMs where you are charged an upfront fee for making withdrawals, you will be fully reimbursed for any fees incurred at those machines on the Summit statement date, which is approximately the 10th of every month. So, you will never pay ATM fees again!

To find the ATMs that accept deposits, please follow the same steps as above, and instead choose "Shared Deposit ATMs" as your filter for results. The Shared Deposit network allows for free deposits at any ATM listed.

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