How do I withdraw money from or add money to my account?


There are a few options for withdrawing and depositing money.

  • You can transfer funds online at
  • You can withdraw funds for free at any NYCE "SUM" ATM. You can also withdraw funds at any ATM of your choosing, and if it's not a SUM ATM, you will be reimbursed for any fees you incur at the end of our statement month.
  • You can deposit funds at any NYCE "Shared Deposit" ATM. (Please note, at a non-NYCE ATM, you will only be able to withdraw money, not deposit).
  • You can mail in a check to the following address at Radius Bank: PO Box 55063 Boston, MA 02205-8031. Please include your account number and name, and don't forget to sign the check! 

Please note: Cash deposits are available for withdrawal on the second business day following the day of deposit. 

NYCE ATM Locator: Please filter by "Shared Deposit ATMs" for deposit-friendly machines, and by "SUM" for the no fee ATMs.

If you’re transferring funds online, here’s a quick navigation guide:

Once you are logged in to your online dashboard, click on ‘Do Well’ and then 'Manage Account' under the Summit Account product box. That will take you to the account overview page. From there you can choose the type of transaction you would like to initiate, which includes "Withdrawals" or "Deposits" to and from your Summit account and your linked accounts.

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