Daily limits / Availability of funds


Daily Limits:

For security reasons and to guard you against identity theft, we have the following limits in place for your first 30 days as an account holder:

For the first week:

  • $100 a day for online withdrawals/transfers

Then, for the remaining three weeks:

  • $500 total daily limit for any combination of cash withdrawals, PIN purchases, or any charges requiring your signature, of holding an account.
  • $500 daily transfer limit, both incoming and outgoing 

After this initial 30 day timeframe, then you have:

  • $5,000 per day external transfer limit
  • $500 per day cash limit**
  • $2,000 per day PIN limit
  • $2,000 per day signature based limit

** To request an increase in your ATM withdrawal limit, please call customer support several hours before you would like to pull your funds. The request will be submitted pending review, and a temporary lift on the limits can be provisionally granted for one business day (EOD is 8pm EST). Since the approval can take some time, we do recommend making the request as early in the day as possible, if not a day before.

Online transfers & wires:

  • Transfers initiated by 11:00am EST will clear within 2 business days.
  • Wire transfers out – received by 3pm EST will be debited same day.
  • Wire transfers in – received by 3pm EST should also be credited same day but are subject to the other party’s bank’s process.

NOTE: Wire transfers out of the account cannot be completed within the first 90 days.

Check and Cash Deposits:

  • Checks received – checks deposited in the ATM or through the mail should be available in full by the second business day after deposit. NOTE: Checks deposited within first 30 days have a 5 business day hold, as do checks over $5,000. 
  • Cash deposits - cash deposits are treated the same as checks (see above) and money order deposits. NOTE: Cash deposited within first 30 days are also subject to a 5 business day hold.

Mobile Check Deposit:

  • Checks deposited via the mobile app cannot exceeded $5,000 daily, or $50,000 over a period of ten business days.
  • "For Mobile Deposit Only" must be written on the back of your check to be accepted.
  • Mobile deposits are available within 2 business days. 
  • (The first 30 days, 5 business day hold applies to mobile deposits as well.) 
  • Please do not discard the check - you must retain it in case there are any issues with deposit, for a period of 90 days.


Any account that has been over drafted for any 6 calendar days in a 6 month timeframe, will begin to have extended holds placed on all deposits. All deposits made in the following 6 months will have a 5 business day hold placed on them. This will continue until the account remains in good standing for 6 months.

Transactions and Balances:

  • Balance and transaction history – accounts are updated in real time.
  • As long as you see a green dot next to your balance, you know the information is no more than 15 minutes old. If you notice an orange dot, the data is no more than 24 hours old, and you should see the date and time stamp of the most recent update! 


Please note that business days are Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays. If you make a deposit after the cutoff time or on a non-business day, the deposit will be made the next business day.  

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