Can I transfer my existing IRA into my Aspiration IRA?


Absolutely! There are two ways to do this.

1. First open an Aspiration IRA account; investing your assets into either the Flagship or Redwood Fund with an initial $1 contribution, just to open the account. Once the account has opened, you will be provided a rollover form to complete, and we would then take care of the transfer on your behalf. This process can take about 6 - 8 weeks (sometimes less).

2. You could alternatively liquidate your current holdings into a checking or savings account, and use that money to open the IRA with us - you would have 60 days within which to make the transfer before incurring any early withdrawal penalties. *Note: This type of rollover is limited to once per year for IRAs, so please keep this in mind. 


*The IRA rollover form is attached. Please email if you need any assistance in completing this form. 

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