What are Aspiration's fees? What is "Pay What Is Fair?"


At Aspiration, the customer decides how much to pay for the work Aspiration does. Aspiration is confident enough in its products and confident enough in the honor of its customers to trust you to make this decision. This “Pay What Is Fair” model is fair to you and is fair to Aspiration. The company will not earn a cent from you other than the fee you select.

Most investment firms impose a flat management fee on their customers. That means you pay them a set amount no matter how well the investment does, how hard they are working, or how much you like what the company stands for. Aspiration thinks that’s not right and it’s not respectful to customers. “Pay What Is Fair” gives Aspiration a daily incentive to work hard for you and live up to its mission.

Depending on the financial product, there will sometimes be underlying fees and expenses (such as wire fees for our checking account or a maximum of 0.50% of fund expenses for our mutual funds). These only go to third-party vendors. Aspiration never sees a cent from these and works hard to keep these at industry-low levels.

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