My debit card isn't working!


If your debit card isn't working there are several reasons this could be the case.

1. You've spent more than your daily available limit. (Click here to read over the limits for your account)

2. You are trying to spend an amount that exceeds your balance.

3. Your card was locked due to a security flag. This can occur if there's a purchase that the card issuer deemed unusual or possibly suspicious. These types of purchases can vary; from small purchases made at a gas station, to purchases made from websites that are unfamiliar, or purchases made outside of your home city and state, etc.

In the event that you believe your card has been locked for this reason, please contact Aspiration support, at 1-800-683-8529. If you are abroad and cannot dial 800 numbers, please email us at 

4. Your card has been locked due to a transfer failure or overdraft on the account.

5. You have not yet activated your card, or you've had too many incorrect PIN attempts. 

For all of the above you can always contact support, Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm PST, but please keep in mind that outside of #3, there is no action that can be performed on a weekend to unlock cards.

For PIN number changes you may call 866-392-9952, though if you need live assistance, please call Aspiration support, Monday - Friday, from 7am - 5pm PST.

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