Activating or changing your PIN


The debit card activation line is: 1-866-392-9952.

There are three different possible paths:

1. If you have never activated your debit card the system will allow you to establish your PIN by going through a series of questions:

a. Card Number
b. Date of Birth (MM/DD - NO year necessary)
c. Last 4 of SSN
d. CVV Number

You will then be permitted to establish a PIN of your choice.

2. If you have already activated your debit card, you will be expected to enter that PIN.

If you do not know that PIN, please contact customer support and we will order you a new PIN mailer, which must be sent via mail to your address on file. You can email this request to Please include your address on file in your email request. 

3. If you have already activated your debit card, and you know your PIN, you will be asked for the following:
a. Card Number
b. PIN
c. Date of Birth
d. Last 4 of SSN
e. CVV Number

After which point, you will be permitted to establish a new PIN of your choosing.


Any questions on the process can be directed to, or 1-800-683-8529.

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