Plant Your Change Disclosure


Plant Your Change for the Aspiration Spend & Save Account:

When you choose to add your Aspiration Debit Card to the Plant Your Change Service, we round up the amount of Aspiration Debit Card transactions made using your Aspiration Debit Card feature in your Aspiration Spend Account to the next whole dollar amount (from $0.01 to $0.99), and transfer the amount in excess of the purchase price to an Aspiration Plant Your Change Service Account. Even dollar transactions ($xx.00) are not considered qualifying transactions and are not eligible to be rounded up for this Service. The Plant Your Change Service Fee from Debit Card transactions will be deducted from your account once each business day and include all qualified transactions incurred since the last fee withdrawal. Funded trees can take up to 18 months to plant, allowing for time to set up nurseries, select/expand planting sites, take advantage of optimal planting seasons and accommodate for local/regional/country social, political and health considerations. Planting trees and restoring forests are among the best ways to draw down carbon from the atmosphere, because they can help mitigate the impacts of climate change and contribute to healthy ecosystems that support wildlife and people. Trees planted by our reforestation partners are not intended to be used as carbon offsets and are not verified as such by a third party. Planted trees are part of a reforestation program where approximately 20-30% more trees are planted to account for natural survival rates and unforeseen circumstances (i.e., wildfires, natural disasters, disease) so enough trees survive to reforest an area. However, there is no guarantee all trees planted will be permanent.


Plant You Change for External Accounts:

Plant Your Change External is an additional and optional service provided by Aspiration that links external bank accounts to your Aspiration dashboard, tracks external transactions, calculates the amount needed to round-up a tracked external transaction to the nearest whole dollar (from $0.01 to $0.99), and deducts as a Service Fee the calculated amount from your valid payment source. The Service Fee(s) will be deducted from your chosen payment source on a rolling basis at intervals of ten completed, qualifying transactions.

Aspiration's Plant Your Change Service then funds a tree planting through a tree-planting partner preselected by Aspiration for each completed external transaction. Tree planting is ongoing and occurs periodically. Aspiration charges a variable service fee (the Plant Your Change Service Fee) ranging from $0.01 up to a maximum of $0.99 per each external completed transaction. The Plant Your Change Fee encompasses the cost of the tree through a tree-planting partner preselected by Aspiration, Aspiration's costs in administering the Plant Your Change External Service (including marketing and maintenance), and Aspiration may retain, dependent upon the Plant Your Change Service Fee for a particular transaction, the remainder.

If a particular transaction has placed your Aspiration Spend Account in overdraft status, we do not implement the Service Fee for that transaction. If a linked transaction is subsequently canceled or reversed, the corresponding Plant Your Change Service Fee may remain as a debit to your account. The Plant Your Change External Service is not a securitized product or investment and participation in the service should not be considered an offer to purchase any security or investment. Aspiration may cancel or modify the Service at any time and without notice. Fraud or illegal activity may void participation, and may subject the account holder to legal action. Customer may cancel, pause, or limit the Service at any time. Customer may link or unlink external accounts to or from the Service at any time.