Do I need to maintain activity on my Summit account? What is Dormancy?


If you have made no transactions in your Summit Account for 12 consecutive months, your account will reach Dormant status. This means that your account will be locked and no debit card transactions can be made while your account is in this status.

If your account balance is $5.00 or below, your account will be closed, and if your balance is above $5.00 and the dormancy is not corrected in time, you will start to incur a $5/month fee.

If your account is soon to become dormant, you should receive at least one email in advance, warning you of the status. We encourage you to take advantage of the ways in which to keep your account active.

Your options are as follows:

 If you have a $5.00 balance or lower:

  • Please initiate a transfer into your Summit account. This will keep the account from going into dormancy and also prevent it from being closed.

If you have a balance greater than $5.00:

  • Make a purchase with your Aspiration Summit debit card


  • Initiate an online transaction by logging in to your account

If your account has already become Dormant:

  • Initiate an incoming or outgoing transfer by logging in to your account.


  • Contact our Customer Engagement team at (800) 683-8529, and verify some personal information, and we can change the status of the account back to active on your behalf.


Remember, with your Aspiration Summit Account you get:

  • Up to 1.00% APY
  • No monthly service fees
  • Unlimited ATM fee reimbursements, use any ATM in the world





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