How do I change my address?



To update your Contact Information, please log in to your account, and click on "Settings" on the left hand side, and then choose "Personal Information." Clicking the “Change Address” option allows you to update your permanent and/or mailing address.

We know moving is hectic enough, but it's very important that we have your correct address on file, for the proper delivery of debit cards, checks and other sensitive information - and for the overall security of the account.

You never know, we may even send you presents. :)

If your account is less than 30 days old, we will require additional documentation to validate and change the new address. Please contact customer support for further assistance.

Additionally, if you have moved and have not yet updated your address on file, please keep in mind that new debit cards cannot go to an address that have not been on file for less than 30 days without the proper documentation.

If you would like a debit card sent to a new address, please follow the steps here and reach out to to request a new card.

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