Are there fees for using an international ATM?


If you are traveling abroad and are charged a fee by a foreign ATM, you will be reimbursed within 2-3 business days for up to 1 out-of-network (including international) ATM fee per month, if you’ve upgraded your account to Aspiration Plus. If you haven’t upgraded to Aspiration Plus, we will not reimburse for any international ATM fees. 

International ATM fees are reimbursed at a flat rate of $4.00 per transaction. If you’re ever charged a higher fee, reach out to us with a photo of your ATM receipt, and our team will reimburse you the full amount for up to 1 ATM fee per month.

Mastercard also charges 1% on all international transactions (including online transactions made with non-US-based companies.) You’ll see these fees as a separate line item for each international transaction in your activity feed.

We cannot reimburse third-party currency conversion fees, or the 1% Mastercard foreign transaction fee.