Are there outside fees that I may incur for this account?


At Aspiration, there are never any fees other than the Pay What Is Fair fee that you choose to pay. We've also committed to "All Service Charges at Cost." That means that for transactional services, we've calculated how much it costs us to process that transaction -- and that's how much we ask you to pay. Below are examples of some service charges that occur at cost:

  • Returned checks ($1.15 for items $4,999.99 and less or $5.33 for items of $5,000 or greater)
  • Incoming/outgoing domestic wire transfers ($0.82)
  • Incoming international wire transfers ($2.50)
  • Outgoing international wire transfers ($15.00)
  • Expedited debit card orders ($35.00)

Please see our Schedule of Service Charges for a full list.