My direct deposit went to my old, Aspiration (Radius) Summit account! When will I get access to it?


Check with your payroll provider, or on your paystub, confirm where your money was sent by your employer. We check for deposits to your old account for up to 10 business days after you’ve activated your new debit card and opened your new account, so any deposits sent to your old account will automatically be moved over to your new account within 2 business days - usually much sooner.

 If it’s more than 10 business days after you activated your new debit card, you may need to ask your employer to reissue the payment to your new account. After this time, deposits will no longer be accepted because the account will be closed.

If your direct deposit was made to your new account, the funds should be available immediately. If you haven’t yet activated your new debit card, you can still access your direct deposit using the other payment features of your account, such as transferring funds or paying bills using your account and routing numbers.