How do I send or receive a wire transfer?


Send a wire transfer

You can give us a call at 800-683-8529 and an agent will assist you.

Please be ready with the beneficiary information for the party you are trying to send funds to. If the information provided to us is incorrect, we may not be able to successfully send the wire. If you are unsure of any beneficiary information, please reach out to the beneficiary party to confirm their bank account details before giving us a call. 

Please note: Outgoing wire transfers can't be completed within the first 90 days of your account opening.

Receive a wire transfer

For a wire to be successfully received to your Aspiration account, it needs to have Aspiration’s receiving account listed as the beneficiary. Our receiving account collects all wires before further crediting them to our customers’ accounts. If our receiving account is not listed as a beneficiary, the wire will return to the sender. 

In addition, if the wire transfer is missing your account information for further credit, the wire will also return to the sender.

Please be sure the information below is listed correctly on the sender’s wire form:

Receiving Bank

Bank name: Coastal Aspiration

Bank Address: PO Box 2103, Everett, WA 98213

ABA (Routing) #: 125108997


Name: Aspiration

Address: One Embarcadero Center, Ste 800, San Francisco, CA 94111

Account #: 1006002537

Further Credit to (you can input this in the reference information box):

Customer Name: Your Name

Customer Account Number: Your Account Number

Note: If the sender's wire form does not contain a "Further Credit To" section, be sure they list your Full Name and Aspiration Account number in the Notes/Reference section of the wire form.

To find your account number, please login to your account, click "Settings'' on the left hand side of the page, then click "Bank Account Info." 

Please also be advised that there is a $2.06 fee to receive domestic wire transfers OR international wire transfers.