How do I send/receive a wire transfer?


“How do I send a wire transfer from my Aspiration Account?”

Please give us a call at 800-683-8529 and an agent will assist you.

Please note: Outgoing wires transfers can't be completed within the first 90 days of account opening.


“What information do I need to send a wire?”

To send a wire, you’ll need the correct beneficiary info for the party you’re trying to send funds to. Please reach out to them to verify their bank and bank account information before sending your request. If the information provided to us is incorrect, we may not be able to successfully send the wire.

“How do I receive a wire transfer to my Aspiration Account?”

Please provide the following information to the sender of the wire:

Sender Instructions: To send a wire transfer to an Aspiration Customer, please fill in the following information on the wire form.


Receiving Bank

Bank name: Coastal Aspiration

Bank Address: Everett, WA

ABA (Routing) #: 125108997



Name: Aspiration Financial, LLC

Address: 4551 Glencoe Ave Ste 300 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Account #: 1006002537


Further Credit to

Customer Name:

Customer Account Number:

“Why is Aspiration listed as a beneficiary for the wire I am receiving?”

Aspiration’s receiving account collects all wires before routing them to our customers’ accounts. If this account is not listed as a beneficiary, the wire will return to sender. If the wire transfer is missing the customer’s account information for further credit, the wire will return to sender. Please be sure the information above is listed correctly on the sender’s wire form.