What is Plant Your Change?


Deforestation poses a significant danger to both our environment and atmosphere. In an effort to provide our customers with the means to help combat this serious issue, Aspiration has created the Plant Your Change feature. 

Once you opt in, each purchase that you make with your Aspiration debit card will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Aspiration is committing to planting 1 tree for each round-up that occurs. We’ve partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects for this effort. 

Any purchase you make with your Aspiration Debit card is eligible to be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. Then, the total rounded up amount will be debited from your Aspiration Spend account the following day, with a note telling you how many trees will be planted once the transaction settles.

In addition, you’ll earn cash rewards for reaching tree-planting milestones! The rewards are broken down as follows:

30 trees planted = $5 reward
100 trees planted = $10 reward
500 trees planted = $25 reward
1,000 trees planted = $50 reward
2,500 trees planted = $100 reward
5,000 trees planted = $500 reward

For additional information on Plant Your Change, please click here