How can I change my direct deposit with Clickswitch?


Clickswitch is a secure third party service that makes it easy to switch your Direct Deposit into your Aspiration account. If you use Clickswitch, they handle the switchover process, so you can skip the manual paperwork. That said, if you prefer to do things manually, you still can!

Please note that at this time, Clickswitch doesn’t work to switch over government benefits, so you’ll want to use the manual process in those cases. 

To get started with Clickswitch, navigate to the Manage menu, and click "Direct Deposit." Click "Set up Direct Deposit," and enter in your employer, where you want your funds deposited, and depending on your employer, a few other details. 

You’ll have a chance to review the information you’ve entered, and if everything looks good, click Submit. That’s it! 

We’ll get to work switching your direct deposit over, and email you when there are updates to your status. You can also check your status any time by clicking the link in the email you received from Clickswitch when you started the switchover process.