Plant Your Change For All Service Disclaimer


Service Disclaimer:

Plant Your Change for All (“Service”) is a standalone service provided through Make Earth Green Again, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aspiration Partners, Inc. (“Aspiration”).

When you choose to add Service to your Qualifying Financial Account, Aspiration rounds up the amount of a Qualifying Financial Transaction made to the next whole dollar amount (from $XX.01 to $XX.99), and transfers the amount in excess of the purchase price to a Service Account. Even dollar transactions ($XX.00) are not considered qualifying transactions and are not eligible to be rounded up for this Service. 

The Service then plants a tree through a preselected tree-planting partner for each completed qualifying financial transaction. Tree Planting is ongoing and occurs periodically. Service charges a variable service fee (the “Service Fee”) ranging from $0.01 up to a maximum of $0.99 per completed qualifying financial transaction. The Service Fee from qualifying financial transactions are automatically included in the rounded up transaction amount, and  encompasses the cost of a to-be planted tree through a preselected tree-planting partner, administrative costs, marketing and promotion costs, third-party vendor fees, and other conditional costs. Aspiration may retain, dependent upon the Service Fee for a particular transaction, the remainder. 

You maintain responsibility not to place your qualifying financial account in overdraft status, and Aspiration is not liable for any overdraft costs, fees, or penalties. If your qualifying financial transaction is subsequently canceled or reversed, the corresponding Service Fee may remain. The Plant Your Change For All Service is not a securitized product or investment and participation in the Service should not be considered an offer to purchase any security or investment. Aspiration may, at our discretion, cancel, terminate or modify the Service at any time and without notice. Fraud or illegal activity may void participation, retroactively reverse participation, and may subject you to legal action. You may cancel, pause, or limit Service at any time.

For additional details and information, please see the Plant Your Change for All Service Agreement