How do I sign up for Plant Your Change For All?


To sign up for Plant Your Change For All, and begin planting a tree with every purchase you make, visit You’ll be prompted to (1) provide your name and email address, (2) create a password, (3) link a debit or credit card, and (4) if you link a credit card, you’ll also be prompted to link an existing bank account you own.

Purchases on your linked debit or credit card will be tracked to count the number of trees you have planted. Then, the change you are using to plant trees with Aspiration will be periodically withdrawn from your linked financial account.

Plant Your Change For All (“Service”) is a standalone service provided through Make Earth Green Again, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aspiration Partners, Inc. (“Aspiration”). Enable Service on a linked financial account, and Aspiration will round up qualifying purchases to the nearest whole dollar to plant a tree through a preselected partner. Visit for more information. Dashboard. Disclaimer.