Stimulus Payments



We understand that these are challenging and confusing times for many. In an effort to provide above and beyond support to our customers, we have consolidated some frequently asked questions from IRS resources and listed them below for your convenience. 

Please note: our Aspiration support team will not have any additional information regarding if, when, and how a stimulus check will be received. 


Frequently Asked Stimulus Payment Questions

How do I know if I qualify for a stimulus check?

Aspiration won’t be able to see if you qualify for the stimulus as eligibility is determined by the government. To check if you qualify, visit


How will I receive my stimulus if I do qualify?

If you do qualify for a stimulus payment, your funds will be deposited via either direct deposit, paper check, prepaid card, or it may be sent to your tax preparer. You can check the IRS’s Get My Payment tool to check on the status of your payment or learn more about the IRS’ tools here


We’ve consolidated some helpful information from those resources below: 


  1. Direct Deposit: Your stimulus may be sent to the account reported on your 2019 or 2018 tax return. All direct deposits received from the IRS and U.S Treasury for stimulus payments will appear as “ACH IRS Treas” in your Aspiration account summary. 
  2. Paper Check: You may receive a US Treasury check if you did not file a tax return or have not given the IRS your direct deposit account information in the last two years.
  3. Prepaid Card: Some customers will receive a prepaid card in the mail instead of a paper check. 
  4. Tax Preparer: If you used a tax preparer to file your taxes, it’s possible that your paper check relief payment was sent to them. You will need to contact your tax preparer for more information.


When will I receive my stimulus payment?

All direct deposits received from the IRS and U.S Treasury for stimulus payments effective January 4, 2021 have been processed by Aspiration and made available (January 1, 2021). The deposit will appear as “ACH IRS Treas” in your Aspiration account summary. 


The U.S. Treasury has indicated that payments will be distributed in multiple phases, so some may receive their payment earlier than others. Paper checks began mailing on 12/30/2020 and may take up to 14 days for it to arrive. Additionally, prepaid debit cards begin mailing in the beginning of January.

What if I receive a paper check?

If you receive a paper check and wish to deposit into your Aspiration account, timelines vary according to the age of your account and the size of your check. Please check out this article that breaks down these variables. 


What if the Aspiration account I received my IRS tax return in has since closed?

In the event that your stimulus payment was sent to a closed account, those payments will be automatically returned to the U.S Treasury. Typically, the IRS will then send a physical check or prepaid card to the address they have on file.