How do I know if I qualify for the Aspiration Zero card?


Qualification for a Zero card depends on a variety of factors that determine an applicant’s creditworthiness. There are many free tools out there that will let you check your credit score. 

Some factors of creditworthiness include verifying income and debt, ability to manage debt, timeliness of payments, and credit balance maintenance.

At this time, the Zero credit card is for consumers with a credit rating of at least Good or higher (Learn more here about credit ratings). For consumers who have never had a credit card before, or are rebuilding their credit score, possible alternatives to the Zero card include a secured credit card, being added as an authorized user to someone else’s account, and reporting your rental payments. Aspiration does not offer these options at this time, but they can help with your creditworthiness. 

If you think the Zero card is right for you, we encourage you to apply and join us on our mission to make a positive impact on the environment!