How can I plant trees with Aspiration Zero?


You have a few different options for planting trees:

  1. 1 tree is automatically planted for every purchase you make. This is a core element of the Aspiration Zero card -- there’s nothing you need to do to enable this, just start swiping!
  2. Plant 1 additional tree per purchase with Plant Your Change, which is enabled by default. When Plant Your Change is enabled, we will automatically round up your transactions to the nearest whole dollar to cover the cost of planting a tree. Trees are counted when purchases post to your account and planted quarterly in arrears. (You can turn Plant Your Change off at any time. Click here for instructions on how to disable or re-enable Plant Your Change.)
  3. When redeeming your cash back rewards, you can choose to allocate some (or all) of your cash back rewards towards planting additional trees! Click here to learn more about cash back settings.