Aspiration Zero Rewards


How do the Aspiration Zero rewards work?

Aspiration Zero rewards are centered around the card’s mission: rewarding you for going carbon zero.

  • You will receive 0.5% rewards back on all qualifying purchases as soon as you start using your card.
  • Upon planting 60 trees and reaching carbon zero status for the month, we will double your rewards for the applicable period to 1.0%! All rewards for that billing cycle will be doubled to 1.0% once your 60th tree is planted.


When are my rewards calculated?

Your rewards are processed after your statement cycle ends. You will see your rewards posted on your account and your monthly carbon zero tracker will reset to 0.


How can I redeem the rewards I earn on my credit card?

Rewards are redeemed automatically after each billing cycle ends. You are not able to redeem your rewards manually or at will.

Rewards are redeemable as either statement credits or additional trees planted. You can choose how you want your rewards to be redeemed -- and trees are redeemable at $1 per tree. By default, your redemption preferences will be set to 50% statement credits and 50% additional trees.

You can change your redemption preferences by logging in on the Aspiration website or mobile app, go to Aspiration Zero, go down to the Carbon Footprint section in the bottom right, and then click Manage Cash Back.


Can I hold a rewards balance and redeem later?

All rewards are automatically redeemed each month. You earned it and you and the planet deserve to redeem those rewards immediately.