Schedule of Service Charges


 EFFECTIVE 11/24/2020


These charges apply to Aspiration Spend & Save accounts.

We are unable to accept foreign items for deposit 

For any fee not listed above or you are unsure about Aspiration’s fees, please visit our Pay What is Fair and Terms pages.

Effective 11/24/2020


1 There are no Daily Overdraft (OD) Charges and the account should not be able to reach a negative balance

2 Deposited Item Reversal (Rev)      

3 In the event of a rare overdraft occurrence, individual overdrafted items will not be charged a fee

4 Transactions posted against insufficient or held funds

5 A Return Item Charge will not be assessed for ACH or Check items returned unpaid

6 Learn more about Aspiration Plus here.

7 3-5 business day shipping

8 Overnight shipping