How can I deposit cash?


We accept cash deposits at select Allpoint® ATMs (i.e. Allpoint+® ATMs). To find ATMs that support cash deposits, you can use our Find an ATM locator and filter the search results for the ATMs that accept cash deposits. Additionally, we are actively working on expanding the services and features we offer for the Aspiration Spend & Save account, and we appreciate your patience while we seek additional partners to expand how our customers may deposit cash with us.


Alternatively, a different way to deposit cash in your Aspiration Spend & Save account is by purchasing a money order with your cash, then depositing the money order into your account using mobile check deposit. Money orders can be purchased at most convenience or grocery stores. Double check that the money order can be mobile deposited before purchasing because some money orders are not eligible for mobile deposit.


While this is a good workaround for depositing cash, please keep in mind that, as always, anything you deposit through mobile check deposit is subject to review by our team. We’re also not able to reimburse you for the cost of purchasing a money order.  For this reason we recommend first trying to find an Allpoint+® ATM that accepts cash deposits using the locator referenced above.