What is a digital debit card?


Your digital card has a different number than your physical debit card, but it works in the same way. Purchases on both your digital and physical debit card are tied to your Spend Account balance.

This feature is available for all Spend & Save customers and can be added on the Aspiration mobile app or while logged in on our website.

You can begin using your digital debit card the instant your opening deposit becomes available. This means you have an easy, secure option to use your account even before your physical card arrives in the mail, and you can continue to use the digital card any time you do not have your physical card on-hand.


How can I use my digital debit card?

The digital debit card is available in our mobile app or on our website, under Settings. Look for Card Management, select your Aspiration Spend account, and switch to the Digital Card tab.

Using the mobile app, you can add your digital card to Apple, Google, or Samsung pay in order to make purchases in-store and online. You can also copy your card information from the app to make online purchases, you just need to toggle "Show Card Details" on the digital card screen.

Aspiration does not require a PIN to be set on the digital debit card; however, some merchants may. You can set one any time in the app.