How do I handle a suspicious call or text message?


If you’re ever unsure about a call or text message asking for information about your Aspiration account, keep the following guidelines in mind.


How Aspiration communicates with our customers:

If we need to contact you, we'll do so through:

  • Email,
  • Push notification, OR 
  • On rare occasions, we will make an outbound call

What we do and do NOT ask:

Keep in mind that when you call us at (800) 683-8529, we will need to verify your identity. To verify you, we might ask questions, and send a code for you to read back to us over the phone. This is the only time we will ever ask for a code over the phone. 

We will never ask you to verify or confirm: 

  • Full Social Security Number
  • Full account number
  • More than 4 digits of your credit /debit card
  • 3 digit security code (located on the back of the debit card)
  • Your PIN

Aspiration will never ask you to confirm or provide any personal information in an unsolicited text. 

If you receive an unsolicited text message or a phone call that appears suspicious, do not respond to the inquiry and instead notify us immediately. 

If you are ever unsure if you are speaking to an authorized Aspiration representative, hang up and call us at (800) 683-8529.


More information on scams:

U.S Federal Trade Commission

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