My debit card was declined


We’re sorry to hear that your debit card was declined. Below are some common reasons with solutions for debit card declines:

Reason: Insufficient funds

Solution: You can transfer funds instantly between your Spend and Save accounts. You can also deposit more funds into your Spend account with these options. Please note the processing times for each option.

Reason: Incorrect PIN

Solution: If you need to reset your PIN, please call 833-635-6295 and follow the prompts.


Reason: Incorrect Card Verification Code (CVC)

Solution: Check the back of your debit card and the code that was input with the merchant.


Reason: Card not activated

Solution: Please call 833-635-6295 and follow the prompts to activate your card.


Reason: Incorrect expiration date

Solution: Check the expiration date on your debit card.

Reason: Your billing address on your account does not match what was input with the merchant.

Solution: If you need to update your address you can login to your Aspiration account from the web to update it.


Reason: Exceeded daily limits

Solution: Please review the daily limits. The physical debit card and digital debit card each have their own separate limit. Both can be combined to make a larger purchase if payment can be split between the two.


If none of the above reasons apply to you or you are still having difficulties please give us a call at 800-683-8529.