How do I close my Aspiration Investment account?


Sound the collective sigh of despair at the Aspiration office…. Just kidding. Sort of.

But seriously, our aim is to make every customer super-happy, 100% of the time. If there is a reason you are dissatisfied with your Aspiration account, please let us know so that we can try our hardest to solve your issue.

If you have decided to close your mutual fund account(s), you will simply need to sell any shares you own. The proceeds will be deposited into the bank account you used to purchase the shares originally. If you used multiple accounts, or have any trouble in completing the sale of your shares, please email us at, and someone will assist you.

Once you've sold your shares in full, an email should be sent to, as written authorization confirming the account closure. This is for your protection, as well as our peace of mind.

If you change your mind, and choose to come back at a later date, you will be able to purchase shares once again and reactivate your investment account (unlike Spend & Save Account closures, which are permanent).