When will the tax forms for my investment account be available?


As an investor in the Aspiration Redwood or Flagship Fund you will receive a Form 1099 reporting any income resulting from your investment with Aspiration. You will receive an email notifying you that your Form 1099 is available to download by mid February.

As of 2/4/2020, the Flagship Fund no longer accepts new purchases, and closed on 3/5/2020. For further assistance, please contact us. Regardless, you’ll still be able to login and view the tax forms related to your investments in the Flagship Fund.

To access your Form 1099, log in to your Aspiration account and click on your name in the upper right hand corner. Click "Settings", then scroll down and click "Investment Statements and Tax Documents"  and you will be able to access your Form 1099.

If you have an Aspiration IRA, you will receive a 5498 form if: 

  • You made a contribution (including catch-up contributions) to an IRA between January 1st of the previous year to the tax deadline 
  • OR had a rollover within that same timeframe. 

5498 tax forms are made available in May, since contributions can be made until the tax deadline of a given year. Since Aspiration sends a copy of the 5498 form to the IRS, you generally don’t need it to do your tax return. That said, once you receive it, you’ll want to keep it for your records. 

You can access your 5498 form by logging in on the web and clicking “Settings”. From this page, select “Investment Statements and Docs,” and you will be able to see your tax forms for your Aspiration accounts.